Cob Ovens

One of the great features of the “Back 40” is our pair of cob ovens. These wood-fired ovens were handmade out of natural materials, including clay and straw. Their thick walls absorb the heat from fire and radiate it out, cooking delicious bread and pizza. The board members of the “Back 40” organize seasonal parties where volunteers fire up the ovens and sling pizza for community members. Dough-nations are welcome, are pizza toppings. We get our dough and sauce from local pizza shop, Favillas New York Pizza. Thank you, Favillas!

If you’d like to be involved in planning or supporting events, or if you just want to get a notification when the next party comes around, send an email to or sign up for, the neighborhood social media platform. We do a lot of planning there, and you can get informed about all kinds of Falconhurst area activities.

Pizza cooking in the cob oven. Photo by Olive & West Photography.