Donations support the non-profit organization and our programs. Your contribution is appreciated and is tax deductible. Membership begins at $25.00 per family.

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The Robert Wood Woodfin Community Urban Farm invites you to be a part of the vision for this unique place. Our goals are to:

– steward our two acres of green space in the middle of West Asheville, restoring and supporting habitat.
– develop a spirit of community that strengthens neighborhood connections and cooperation.
– support the local food system through collaboration with Patchwork Urban Farm.
– promote social and cultural activities in our neighborhood.
– encourage, inspire, and educate ourselves, our community, and our city by modeling sustainability on a neighborhood scale.

Won’t you join us? Annual membership dues help us reach our goals.

Your tax deductible donations support infrastructure like:
– a new picnic pavilion and barn
– paths, signage, edible landscaping
– pizza parties, public music, and other events.

Back 40 members get the benefit of being able to use the pizza ovens and host gatherings on site.